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My hope for you...

My name is Tama. 

I am a wife and mom who knows how essential it is to have a space you can be comfortable in, and I know how hard it can be to get there.

My hope for you is to create meaningful and beautiful systems in your home. I know that can be overwhelming, but I want you to know that you can create a lovely space right now, where you are.

My goal is to come alongside you and be an asset to you and your family. When everything has a place, your home will be at peace and hold what matters most.

Curated Living Owner Tama Ward smiles at the camera wearing a black blazer.
Organized filing system in a drawer.

"Honor what's meaningful.

Store what's necessary.

Edit the rest."

Why Curated?

Curated: [kyoor-ey-tid] carefully gathered, sifted, chosen, and organized

Curated living is about sifting through 'the things of your life’ and being intentional about the items that matter most to you and your home. It's about showcasing what brings you joy, thoughtfully storing what is necessary, and re-homing that which is not. This is an evolving process as our priorities change in life. It's never perfect but there is beauty in the progress and value in the purpose.

Declutter vs Margin

While I will highly encourage you to declutter, clutter doesn't necessarily mean you have too much stuff. It usually means your stuff doesn't have a dedicated place.  Decide once where it should go.

Margin is being at peace in your home where your mind can rest because you have already made those decisions.


Deciding once helps you create margin in your life-giving you the ability to live

your life with purpose.


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